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I completely agree with your assessment of Bard AI, especially in helping to enhance professional communications.

In fact, I was among the early adopters of Bard when Google released it to the public and I’ve personally tested its capabilities in many aspects of writing.

And sometimes, I discovered that the second draft among the 1-3 drafts are usually better, in my experiences so far.

But aside that, aside the many benefits of enhanced communication, there are few things I’ve noticed about it that may be detrimental to professional growths on the long run, especially for those just starting.

For instance, Bard, just like other AI tools can be very addictive.

And over reliance on it may lead to a loss of personal touch and authenticity.

The human element is crucial in establishing genuine connections and conveying emotions through writing. By excessively relying on an AI model, there is a risk of creating content that feels robotic or lacks the personal touch that comes from human creativity and intuition. And this can adversely affect relationship building.

Also, it may hinder growth and development of one’s writing skills, especially for amateurs. Writing skill is improved by continuously writing – but when one begins to implore AI such as Bard to do so, it dampens that ability overtime.

Aside that, laziness on the part of the writer can become the order of the day. And because AI models like Bard are trained on vast amounts of data, some of which may contain biases or questionable content. Without proper scrutiny and supervision, there is a risk of inadvertently amplifying those biases in the generated content, which can have unintended negative consequences.

Anyway, balance is the key. Bard, just like other AI tools should not be used as the Alha and Omega. Rather, its should be used as a tool to advance our abilities and not total dependent on it.

I personally advocate for having a brand manager or editor look at the generated emails and fine-tune it before it goes out to the intended audience to ensure it aligns with the brand guide.