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Write Great Emails with our Hands-on Learning Experience

Every email you send is a reflection of your brand and expertise. This is why it's essential that every email you send speaks your professionalism, expertise and leaves no room for doubt.

This course covers everything you need to write effective emails so you can get more positive responses to your emails, save time, and gain the respect of colleagues.

It doesn't matter what stage you're in; this course meets you there and takes you further.

Meet Your Instructor:

Woculus is a digital communications platform that has served professionals for over ten years.

Every month, we provide email writing tips, techniques, samples, and templates to over 300,000 people all over the world.

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From Zero to Expert!
Grow your career by learning everything it takes to communicate effectively via email

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More than the course, you get additional benefits that keep you armed with everything you need to succeed with emailing in the workplace.

Support from Tutors

We will provide continuous personalized support from the tutors

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Gain access to our template library of over 1000+ pre-written templates

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Elevate Your Career By Learning to Write Effective Emails

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Office Workers
Remote Staff
HR Personnel

What You’ll Learn

This course will take you from zero to expert. This course meets everyone where they are in their professional emailing journey.
Finish this course in two and half hours.


Introduction to Professional Emailing
[20 mins]

Learn the dos and don’ts of professional emailing, a step-by-step guide to setting up custom email addresses


Understanding Context
[12 mins]

Understanding your recipient and how to communicate without the back-and-forth


Professional email Etiquette
[20 mins]

Learn the spoken and unspoken rules governing professional emails. Email sign-offs and signatures that help you stand out


Writing the email
[17 mins]

Learn how to write subject lines that ensure your emails are read. Understand what makes an excellent email


Convoluted best practices
[48 mins]

Be equipped with everything from CC, Bcc, how to organize your inbox, how to avoid spam, etc


Unlocking the Potential of AI Writing
[10 mins]

Master how to write great prompts with ChatGPT and save time


Tools and Resources to help you get started
[10 mins]

Arm yourself with 100s of templates and tools to help you have the best email experience

What others are saying

Good job! Very well structured and easy to follow. Would recommend to those starting their formal writings “careers”
Wow! Now I can answer my customers professionally. Thank you Woculus team for providing such a great information.
Nazifulah Shinwari
Great information you shared. Email examples are very helpful to me. I found your course just right for my needs. Thanks for sharing the great information. Good Luck!
Jaxon Ariana
Awesome! You just saved a soul. I received an important invitation and I was looking for the best way to reply. Your samples helped a great deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for everyone who uses email as their default mode of professional communication. It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, a college student, or a business professional.

Do I Need Prior Experience Before Taking This Course?

. This course discusses EVERYTHING you need to know about professional emailing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never written an email before or if you’ve written one. This course was designed to meet everyone at various stages of their professional journeys.

Is There a Certification Attached to This Course?


Yes. This course comes with a professional certification that can be attached to your LinkedIn and CV to give you that much-needed advantage in the job markets or your professional pursuits.

Can I Learn at My Own Pace?

Yes. This is a self-paced course. You can learn in your own time and schedule.

How Much Support Is Available?

There is personalized support available from tutors. If you have a question or an inquiry, you can send us an email, and one of our tutors will respond to you.

What Will I Gain from This Course?

Career growth and professional confidence. You’re perceived to be more confident if you can email more effectively. This course will help you advance in your career by teaching you how to email professionally. 

Grow your career by learning to communicate effectively via emails

Elevate Your Career By Learning to Write Effective Emails